50% Off Specials for Nurses this week.

For Nurses for National Nurses Week

50% Off All Programs

Ends Sunday, May 15th  at 12pm Pacific time


Gift Certificates available.

This is for every nurse who has felt pushed to their limits and beyond in the last couple of years.


How would it feel to have your life back without the feelings of stress, trauma, overwhelm or maybe the increased coping behaviors?


What if you could do this without re-living or re-telling the stories if you don’t want to.

And learning new coping skills and rebuilding your self confidence & self esteem.


I can work effectively over Zoom with anyone, anywhere.

And I can adapt sessions to your work schedule and Time Zones.


See if any one or more of these programs sound like a solution for you.


Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Covid Fatigue or increase in Coping Behaviors


~Are you having feelings of being stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or fearful about anything in your life right now?

~Are past experiences or grief in your way?

~Do you lack focus or feel frustration or burnout?


Let’s easily and effortlessly dissolve those reactions and feelings and transform them into peace of mind, self-confidence and new productive feelings & behaviors!

3 Sessions     Regular   $395  Special 50% Off.     $197

The program includes:

  • 3 sessions

  • Handouts

  • Tools & techniques to help create new habits & patterns

  • Email/phone support


6 Sessions     Regular   $695   Special 50% Off     $347

The program includes:

  • 6 sessions

  • Handouts

  • Tools & techniques to help create new habits & patterns

  • Email/phone support


Virtual Gastric Band

Customized Weight Management Programs

With no diet, no denial or feelings of deprivation!

The Customized Weight Management hypnosis program takes you through the process of conditioning the subconscious mind to believe the stomach is smaller and that you are satisfied on smaller amounts of food.

Making healthier choices easier than ever before.

We get to address the blocks, triggers, habits and beliefs that in the past have led back to the self-sabotage and resulted in the struggle & disappointment of regaining weight. And then install and reinforce new healthier habits and choices.

All sessions are tailored to your needs.

It provides you with the necessary tools and techniques to help you stay focused and confidently move toward your goals.

6 Sessions   Regular $695     Special 50% Off   $347

  • 6 sessions

  • Handouts

  • Activities between session to maximize your progress

  • Tools & techniques to help create new habits & patterns

  • 3 Mp3s

  • Email/phone support



Sessions can be done by Zoom from anywhere in the world, so no matter where you are located we can work together effectively.

50% Off Ends Sunday, May 15th  at 12pm Pacific time

Stop Smoking Program

This can save you possibly thousands of dollars a year!


Especially if stress has increased the amount you have been smoking.

If you really hate smoking & tobacco in any form and what it does to you – and you really want to quit – you can. Together we can have you become a non-smoker and non-tobacco user now.

Regular $500       Special 50% Off        $250


The program includes:

  • 2 Sessions (most of my clients quit at the first session)

  • 1 Support Mp3

  • 1 year Guarantee- if you start smoking within a year I will see you again for free.

Depending how much you smoke your investment would be probably 1 to 2 months worth of cigarettes or tobacco products.

The rest of the savings goes into your pocket!


If you don’t invest it now to quit, it is all going to go up in smoke anyway.

This Stop Smoking  program is not for everyone.  Let’s chat and see if it is for you.

If you are serious about being a non-smoker please call me now to discuss your suitability for this program and if you qualify.

Contact me at 503-703-3703   or    Jane@JaneConboy.com  to see if you qualify.


50% Off  Ends Sunday, May 15th at 12pm Pacific time

I have been helping people with stress, fears and trauma since 1997 .  At least 95% of my clients come to me by word of mouth, referral or past clients coming back for other issues. And I worked in VA Hospitals for 7 years as an electroencephalographic (EEG) technician so I am familiar with some of  the environments you have worked in before.
If you have any questions, please contact me.