Nurses & Covid Stress

If you are a nurse – 

I know the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed you to your limits and beyond.


Many felt overworked and understaffed before the pandemic and now things have shifted to a new level.

Since the pandemic they have had a constant worry & fear of exposure for their own health and fear of exposing their families or friends.


Nurses have reported dealing with :

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Burnout

  • Lack of sleep

  • Depression

  • Overwhelm

  • Frustration

  • Anger

  • Post traumatic stress

  • Compassion fatigue

  • Guilt and Shame

  • Increase in coping habits

Many have been seeing really hard things and feeling they can’t really talk about them.

They are experiencing grief for patients & their families as, in some cases, they have taken on the emotional role of being the substitute family.

Then stuffing the feelings because they don’t have time to grieve or process it.

And they don’t want to appear weak if they express their feelings, or have it go on their record or in their file.

Some are having concerns that the lack of sleep and fatigue from working long hours are now resulting in trouble concentrating while caring for patients.

Some are waking up and dreading another day at work and have doubts about continuing in nursing at all.



You probably choose this work because you had a passion for helping and caring for people. You felt confident, happy and inspired to do your best. You wanted always to bring your best self to whatever work situation you were in and to be heard, supported and acknowledged for the work you were doing. And to have enough time and energy to spend with your family and friends when you were off work.

I know things have changed in the last 2 years.



Have you found any of the above situations and feelings have had an emotional impact on your day-to-day activities and your life?

Do you feel it is difficult to have time to deal with your own self-care?

Or even know what to do or where to start?


I worked in VA hospitals for 7 years so I remember how it use to be.


I now specialize in helping people deal with these areas of stress, anxiety, traumatic events and situations.


With the techniques I use there is no need to re-tell or re-live events or situations. You are welcome to talk about them if you want to but it isn’t necessary.


I can help you better deal with the emotional aspects of all of this by helping you with:

  • Stress reduction

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Overcoming trauma & Post Traumatic Stress

  • Coping methods

  • Techniques for better sleep

  • Changing mindset and behaviors

  • Letting go of negative thoughts and thinking

  • Restoring & boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem



The program we design for you will be tailored to your unique and specific issues. My aim is to help change these and give you the tools to improve your daily self-care so you can feel more in control, calmer, more relaxed and empowered again.


If you are curious if this might be a help to you, then let’s talk.

Contact me now for a FREE 30-minute consultation to answer any questions you might have about your situation and what we could do to help change it for you now.   or   503-703-3703


Please check out the Testimonial page  and read what my clients have to say and the results they received.

Maybe in these testimonials they have shared, you can recognize there is a solution and you can feel hope for yourself or others you know that are struggling.


If you are sick of the direction you have been going and have been hoping for relief from what you have been feeling this could be it.

I can help guide you through a plan that works for you.


Take the next step now .

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to see if this could be the solution & relief you have been searching for.


Jane Conboy, CH