Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

The Advanced Virtual Gastric Band  &

Custom Weight Management Programs

The original Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis still takes you through the process of conditioning the subconscious mind to believe the stomach is smaller and that you are satisfied on smaller amounts of food.

These new advanced steps will also be focusing on

  • the root of blocks
  • habits
  • patterns and beliefs…

that in the past have led back to self-sabotage and resulted in the struggle & disappointment of regaining weight. 

New tools and techniques to help you stay focused and reduce stress.


Finally a weight reduction program

that makes sense!

Lose weight without Diet, Deprivation and Denial

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is a non-surgical technique developed by Sheila Granger in the UK, that works by conditioning the client to believe on a subconscious level that a gastric band has been placed around the stomach, creating a small size stomach allowing you to feel comfortable & satisfied on smaller amounts of food.

This is followed by additional customized sessions which deal with the emotional triggers, and habits that might result in a person overeating. It helps establish new healthy habits around food and eating.

Feedback shows that the hypnotherapy is like ‘flicking a switch in the brain’, turning off cravings and eating only until satisfied comfortable. This is not a diet; it is developing a new relationship with food that people can live with naturally.

It addresses the underlying reasons why you struggle with food, and then guides you to a new mindset that helps you reach your goals.

Many overweight people do not eat because they are physically hungry.

They eat because of head hunger.

They developed a habit of eating because of emotional triggers and feel food satisfies them in some way. It might be boredom, sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger, or stress just to name a few.

If you do not change your thinking and feelings concerning head hunger you will feel deprived and limit your possibilities for success no matter what method of weight reduction you choose.

Benefits of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

  • No diet, no feelings of deprivation or denial
  • No special diets to follow or food packets or products to buy

 Would you like to:

  • Reduce the health risks associated with obesity? (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure)
  • End yo-yo dieting – achieve the size and shape you want, learn the skills to maintain it?
  • Reduce  discomfort?– you can move easier, with more confidence!
  • Feel and look better? – shop where you want, choose the clothes you want to wear!
  • Increase energy? – Regain the zest and drive to make a difference!
  • Be more active? –walking, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing or just strolling on the beach
  • Feel comfortable in public and social situations, or simply feel more joy in your daily life?
  • Boost confidence and self esteem?

There is no change without change.

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis provides tools for you to change your thinking, to feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food, to know the difference between physical hunger and emotional eating & head hunger and to support you in making positive choices to change your size, your shape and your life.

Nothing is magic. Not surgery or Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis. What is necessary for success, in either, is your openness and willingness to allow yourself to be and  to do things differently.

With your openness and willingness, Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis and Jane’s guidance you will have new tools to utilize in your toolbox for your success.

Is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for you?  


VGB is for anyone who wishes to lose weight  whether it is 20, 40, 60 or 100 pounds or more. The program is about helping you create new healthy eating habits that you can use for life no matter how much you weigh. It is about eating real food – not drinking shakes or packaged foods.

These techniques can also be used by, and be supportive to, those who have had the actual bariatric surgery – whether it is lap band surgery, gastric by-pass or gastric sleeve surgery   – and have started struggling with gaining weight again.

These hypnosis sessions can be preformed  privately  and in small groups. In some situations the sessions can be performed over Skype.

Please contact Jane for a Free 30 Minute Consultation to see how Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis could help you.



Here are few comments from those who have experienced the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis:

“Immediately after the initial session, I could feel a change. I went home and prepared dinner and was completely full after eating only a small portion of food. I found myself preparing smaller meals without even thinking about it. I am still eating the same delicious food I like, but I am eating smaller amounts of them. This program is exactly what I wanted for myself because it is possible to sustain these habits for life.” ~ Ken A, lost 16 lbs in 4 weeks


“I would like to tell you that you have made a huge difference in my life in the way I think about food. I make better choices on what I eat now and I cannot eat as much as I could before hypnosis. I truly believe that I am on the way to a better life health wise. My blood sugars have been lower and I have not had to give myself as much insulin as before.” ~ Janice S




Any stories or testimonials presented here do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using these techniques, as it is impossible to guarantee human behavior or compliance. You assume equal responsibility by the level of commitment you make to this program. I sincerely want you to succeed and pledge my efforts to help you to the best of my ability. These techniques are not to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or care. If you have a medical question about any of this information, please consult your physician or a health care professional.

Lose Weight Without Deprivation and Denial

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is a non-surgical technique developed by Sheila Granger in the UK that works by conditioning the client to believe, on a subconscious level, that a gastric band has been placed around the stomach, creating a small size stomach. After this is done, it doesn’t take long to feel comfortably satisfied on a smaller amount of food.  …

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Experiences in Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Jane Conboy completed a group study in which 23 out of 24 people lost a combined total of 226 lbs in four weeks. Here are few comments from those who have experienced the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis: “Immediately after the initial session, I could feel a change. I went home and prepared dinner and was completely …

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