Trauma & Stress Reduction Programs

Do you have a history of stressful or traumatic events?

  • Have you experienced or witnessed traumatic events or accidents?
  • Have you experienced sexual assaults, harassment or intimidation?
  • Do you have post traumatic stress from military service or experiences or a traumatic event?
  • Have any of these  brought on a combination of flashbacks, anxiety, unresolved grief, sleeplessness or nightmares?
  • Are you stuck and struggling with anger, fears, limiting beliefs, self doubt, self-criticism, and old non-supportive habits, behaviors or thoughts?
  • Are you triggered by people, places & things?

With this process there is no  need to re-tell or re- live the events you experienced.

Let’s easily and effortlessly dissolve those blocks so you can feel  calmer and more peaceful. 

You can start clearing the emotional feelings that are blocking you from your confidence, happiness and peace of mind.

Also especially beneficial to those who have had traumatic car accidents or falls from a horse.

Sessions can be done in person or by Skype or Zoom from anywhere in the world, so no matter where you are located we can work together effectively.


 6 Session Program                                                $995                   Special     $895               





 12 Session Program                                           $1295       




For a complimentary consultation to see if this might be beneficial to you, please contact me to schedule a good time to talk..              503-703-3703

The New Advanced Virtual Gastric Band

& Weight Management Programs

The original Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis still takes you through the process of conditioning the subconscious mind to believe the stomach is smaller and that you are satisfied on smaller amounts of food.

These new advanced steps will also be focusing on

  • the root of blocks
  • habits
  • patterns and beliefs…

that in the past have led back to self-sabotage and resulted in the struggle & disappointment of regaining weight.

New tools and techniques to help you stay focused and reduce stress.

“Working with Jane is amazing.   I learned about my relationship with food.  I went for 12 sessions rather than 6 and I’m so glad I did.  Over time various things happened in my life where I got a little off track or plateaued and Jane helped me through it.  With various visual help and daily audio hypnosis not only did I lose weight, but I have learned so much about myself. I’ve learned about my history with food growing up, my current relationship with food, and most importantly, that those old ways can change. I am still on my journey but I know I can change; Jane has helped me so much with awareness and tools to live better. Jane is sweet, nice and comforting. Every session is a joy, even when times were tough; I can’t recommend her highly enough.”  

K. Sanders

New 6 Session VGB Program                                                         $995               

  • Total 6 sessions over 2 to 3 months
  • 4 VGB sessions & 2 additional customized sessions for you
  • Activities between session to maximize your progress
  • Handouts
  • Techniques  to help create new habits & patterns
  • 3 CDs
  • Email/phone support



New 12 Session  VGB Program                                                     $1295                    

  • Total 12 sessions over 6 to 12 months
  • 4 VGB sessions and 8 additional sessions customized to your needs along the way
  • Activities between session to maximize your progress
  • Handouts
  • Tools & techniques  to help create new habits & patterns
  • 3 CDs
  • Email/phone support



This 12 session program is an ideal choice for those that prefer ongoing personalized support over longer period of time to use when they choose to have more support.

Sessions in person or by Skype in some situation

For a complimentary consultation to see if either of these might be beneficial to you please contact me to schedule a good time for the consultation session.


Stop Smoking, Chewing or Dipping Program          

If you really hate smoking & tobacco in any form and what it does to you – and you really want to quit – you can. Together we can have you become a non-smoker  and non-tobacco user now.

The program includes:

  • 2 Sessions (most of my clients quit at the first session)
  • 1 Support CD
  • 1 year Guarantee- if you think about or start smoking within a year I will see you again for free.

Depending how much you smoke your investment would be probably 1 to 2 months of cigarettes or tobacco products. If you don’t invest it to quit it is all going to go up in smoke anyway.

For a free 30 Minute Consultation to see if this is the program for you please contact me.