Stress & Trauma related testimonials

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Patrick Maloy and I suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and have been in continuous recovery for 29 years. The last two years have been most difficult for me in that sixteen family members and close friends passed away from various illnesses. I found myself in responsible positions in dealing with friends and family members and I didn’t have time to process my personal grief. I ended up being admitted to a mental hospital for depression.

Medications, individual therapy, group therapy, an exercise regimen, and the help of loving and caring friends helped me through the worst of the depression. But the trauma of the losses, the grief surrounding them remained steadfast, and continued to experience intermittent depressive episodes. I seemed exhausted, easily irritated, and over sensitive. I knew that these mood swings were a component to the trauma that wasn’t being reached by conventional therapies, yet I had no clue on how to get help for it.

Attending weekly acupuncture classes seemed to help on a physiological level. It was at one of these classes that I had the good fortune to meet Jane Conboy. I underwent demonstration treatment with Ms. Conboy and I felt a change almost immediately. I can’t describe in words exactly what the change did but it was as if some of the angst surrounding the grief had subsided.

Within two days of our initial treatment I felt markedly better, happier, lighter, and I was laughing again, something that I had not been able to do for some time. So I booked a closed session with Jane, a session that resulted in the total removal of the grief and anxiety, much akin to unstopping a clogged drain. The session was effective to the point that I had to be reminded by friends that my attitude and direction had taken a 180 degree turn. The fact is, I hadn’t thought of any of the “baggage” that we processed. It was totally gone and I was free from it. I was so changed/lifted by the session with Jane that it was as if I had never had the problems.

So, if you’re one of those who think that you can muster through pain from trauma on your own, well that’s great, and more power to you. But if it’s affecting the quality of your life and relationships then without a doubt, get some help. I can attest that Jane’s skills are subtle yet direct, and I highly recommend spending time with her if your emotional drains are clogged as mine definitely where.

The best of luck to you,

Patrick Maloy


A testimonial from a young woman who was at a Mall shooting where people were killed. She and 2 friends were locked in a storage room with about 20 other people till it was safe to come out.

Hey! I just wanted to check in and tell you I am doing very well……. I’ve been trying to overcome some of my other small fears with the help you’ve given me……. I even shut the bathroom door at home more often. Small spaces and loud noises are becoming a breeze. I still find myself a little weary around big crowds, but I finally broke out of my shell a little the other day and went to a new years party. I was the designated driver so I didn’t drink, but I had fun with everyone and was able to handle the crowd and the loud music. I really appreciate you helping me realize that I am in control of my emotions. You have helped me tremendously!

Talesha W

My work performance is no longer being hindered by fears or nervousness……….. Of course life is unexpected so if I do need a follow up I will let you know. I’m pretty confident in myself at this point in time. I want to thank you again for helping Ben, Brandon and I. We couldn’t have moved forward without your help. Your methods and words were exactly what we had needed.

Talesha W


When my horse was misbehaving and I felt out of control, I developed a generalized fear and I had doubts about whether I should even be riding.  I was at a clinic for fearful riders when I met Jane. She led us through one of her sessions and after it I was devoid of the fear, it was gone, there was no charge about the event that had caused the fear for me.

I believe that because she did that session with us I was then able to get so much more out of the clinic and what the instructor was teaching that weekend.   I now ride with confidence and enjoy riding in various situations.

Phyllis Daniels

When I was living in Atlanta, I was fortunate enough to be able to ride my bike to work. I worked at Emory Univ. hospital as a cardiac RN. One day I was “rear-ended” by a car. It was 6:30 am and it was still dark. I heard this car coming behind me, and next thing I knew I was flipped up over my bike. I happened to be very fortunate that I had no major injuries. I guess I was traumatized by that event, and was very scared to ride my bike. (And I don’t scare easily!) I met Jane Conboy who was experienced in a process that helps you release fear.

After that session with Jane, I was able to start riding again. In fact, I moved to Portland, OR, and joined a women’s biking group! I love to bike, and I thank Jane for helping me be able to get back on my bike!! Thank you Jane!!

Jesi Hirsch


Years ago I had taken a trip in a large motorhome  along the California coast and in the Big Sur area there were several narrow bridges over chasms that were hundreds of feet deep. I experienced severe anxiety attacks going over these bridges to the point that we took a flat, straight and level Interstate highway on the way back. But the bridge anxiety stayed with me for many years. After 20 years the severity of the attacks had diminished substantially but flutters were still there when crossing high bridges or driving on roads with drop-offs and no guard rails.

After a session with Jane Conboy I felt that I had been relieved of not only the height/bridge-related anxiety but also a bunch of other “baggage” that I had apparently been unknowingly hanging onto.

No anxiety going over bridges anymore!

Jon Turino

To Whom It May Concern,

I highly recommend the services of Jane Conboy  and her ability to deliver results that have improved my life.  She has a tender and balanced approach that helps alleviates stress and puts you back in a position of healing and growth.  I appreciated the tools she also provided to continue self-help.  She has a wonderfully calm and friendly demeanor which is coupled with years of practice, education and a therapeutic nature.  I feel very restored and reinvigorated after meeting with her.  You will definitely benefit from her soothing, health-giving tools which will put you back in balance.

-Lindsey N

Health & Weight Reduction testimonials

Working with Jane is amazing.  I learned about my relationship with food.  I went for 12 sessions rather than 6 and I’m so glad I did.  Over time various things happened in my life where I got a little off track or plateaued and Jane helped me through it.  With various visual help and daily audio hypnosis not only did I lose weight, but I have learned so much about myself. I’ve learned about my history with food growing up, my current relationship with food, and most importantly, that those old ways can change. I am still on my journey but I know I can change; Jane has helped me so much with awareness and tools to live better. Jane is sweet, nice and comforting. Every session is a joy, even when times were tough; I can’t recommend her highly enough.  

 Kristen Sanders


I feel like Jane has thrown me a life line. I had bad habits I felt I couldn’t break. The changes Jane’s hypnosis made were immediate and easy. I have struggled with motivation for exercise and now I look forward to it. I feel that the changes and new habits will be easy for me to maintain the rest of my life. If I get off track I have resources to go to. Thanks so much, Jane is a life saver! Your methods don’t interfere or go against my beliefs and that’s very important to me.

I am starting to feel cute again! I have even been able to tell my husband how much I weigh, the shame is gone.

Stephanie P.  Registered Nurse


These sessions have helped me focus on what’s important to me- Me!  A more energized, happier me. You have given me power over food- especially bread. I can have one bite and be just fine. I don’t feel the need to finish all my food. I put less on my plate and eat more salad than anything. I have a new perspective on “white” foods. They turn me off. I see them & think “yuck” or “how bland”. It’s truly amazing how you can unlock what’s inside all of us and help us remember what, when & how much we need to eat. I am very grateful to you. This is only the beginning of my journey. I will continue to listen to you CDs, follow my path of weight loss & healthy life and encourage others to do the same.

Thank you seems so small, but it is truly a lot.

Thank you. 

Lisa Eubanks  CMA, LXMO



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