Holiday VGB Offer

Transform Your Body in Time for the Holidays with

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis!


No special diets to follow

No feelings of deprivation or denial

No food packets or products to buy


Exclusive Holiday Offer


6 Personalized Virtual Gastric Band Sessions.

   PLUS 2 Bonus Session to use anytime.


Develop a healthier relationship with food, break free from emotional eating and allowing head hunger to run your life,

Embrace new positive habits and behaviors that support your weight reduction goals, making long-lasting changes for a healthier future. And much easier than you think.

Learn stress reduction techniques to manage holiday stress and prevent it from derailing your weight loss journey.

Get personalized support for your unique needs and challenges


6 Personalized Virtual Gastric Band Sessions.   Regular $895.      Special  $595

   PLUS 2 Bonus Session to use anytime.





For former VGB Clients who would like a Refresher VGB take another $100 off!

6 Refresher VGB Sessions, Plus the 2 Bonus Sessions for    $495



Sign up now and then contact me to get started!

This offer ends Midnight, Wednesday, November 22, 2023.