Stress, Anxiety & Trauma Solution Programs

I know many people are experiencing  financial changes in these times so I am adjusting my fees for everyone by offering a Donation button on the Programs below. Do only what you feel comfortable doing.

**I am offering free sessions to health care providers, nurses, doctors, first responders and support staff dealing with the stress of COVID-19.

Just contact me to set something up.


Do you have a history of stressful or traumatic events?

  • Have you experienced or witnessed traumatic events or accidents?
  • Have you experienced sexual assaults, harassment or intimidation?
  • Do you have post traumatic stress from military service or experiences or a traumatic event?
  • Have any of these  brought on a combination of flashbacks, anxiety, unresolved grief, sleeplessness or nightmares?
  • Are you stuck and struggling with anger, fears, grief, limiting beliefs, self doubt, self-criticism, and old non-supportive habits, behaviors or thoughts?
  • Are you triggered by people, places & things?
  • Do you have stress or anxiety and have no idea where it comes from?

With this process there is no  need to re-tell or re- live the events you experienced.

Let’s easily and effortlessly dissolve those blocks so you can feel  calmer and more peaceful. 

You can start clearing the emotional feelings that are blocking you from your confidence, happiness and peace of mind.


Sessions can be done by Skype, Zoom  or phone from anywhere in the world, so no matter where you are located we can work together effectively.

If you have questions about which would be best for you, contact me and we can talk about your situation. In these times the aim is to help you de-stress, which can be done usually in just a few sessions.

3 Session Program                    $395.   Special     $ 247

 6 Session Program                       $795      Special    $497             

12 Session Program              $1195       Special  $897


For a complimentary consultation to see if this might be beneficial to you, please contact me to schedule a good time to talk..              

503-703-3703   Text or leave me a message and good time to call you back.